Wholesome Quinoa Microgreens Salad

Toss up a bowl of this wholesome quinoa microgreen salad for a satisfying meal!   The fibrous salad packs a flavorful punch and a yummy bite. The mild and nutty quinoa tastes incredible with the tender black beans, sweet onions, refreshing crunch of cucumbers, and sweet-spicy microgreens.   A bit on the Microgreens   The […]

Amaranth Microgreens: A Powerhouse of Health Benefits

Benefits Nutritionists of the world classify amaranth as ancient grains and consider it a superfood: nutritious and balanced food; excellent immunostimulatory; prevents premature aging; improves endurance and sports achievements In recent years, microgreens have been gaining popularity as a new trend in the world of health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts alike. These tiny greens, harvested […]