Growing Mediums for Successfully Growing Microgreens (Soil vs hemp test trial)

As many of you know, I have been growing and distributing microgreens for the past 3 years and can say with confidence that soil is the best with respect to versatility and forgiving,especially to beginner microgreen growers.  Nevertheless there are plenty of reasons to switch and try using non-soil mediums, such as hemp or coconut […]

Brand Marketing Challenge Completed! Thanks Giulia :)

The summer months have come to end but that does not apply to the weather in the Netherlands. This week is already feeling like the middle of summer with 30C+. As such, the current weather is reminding us of the start of summer and therefore, the start of our summer intern! We miss you Giulia and […]

Wheatgrass Shots: The Green Elixir of Vitality and Wellness

Are you ready to embrace the power of green in a single, invigorating shot? Enter the vibrant world of wheatgrass shots – the elixir of vitality and wellness that’s taking the health-conscious community by storm! Bursting with an abundance of nutrients and countless health benefits, this emerald-green wonder packs a punch like no other. The […]

Wholesome Quinoa Microgreens Salad

Toss up a bowl of this wholesome quinoa microgreen salad for a satisfying meal!   The fibrous salad packs a flavorful punch and a yummy bite. The mild and nutty quinoa tastes incredible with the tender black beans, sweet onions, refreshing crunch of cucumbers, and sweet-spicy microgreens.   A bit on the Microgreens   The […]

Amaranth Microgreens: A Powerhouse of Health Benefits

Benefits Nutritionists of the world classify amaranth as ancient grains and consider it a superfood: nutritious and balanced food; excellent immunostimulatory; prevents premature aging; improves endurance and sports achievements In recent years, microgreens have been gaining popularity as a new trend in the world of health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts alike. These tiny greens, harvested […]

🌱 Get Ready for the Ultimate Food Adventure! 🌿

🍅 Calling all food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals! The wait is over – as yesterday we were successful with our first farmer’s market of the year at Amstelveen’s Stadshart! Only 2 km’s away from our urban farm! We met a lot of interested and lovely people who encouraged us to keep going. Feels like we […]

Introducing the Green Thumb Special: Get Your Microgreens Growing with 10% Off!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of fresh flavors and healthy eating? Look no further! We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive promotion on our highly sought-after 1020 microgreen trays. For a limited time only, take advantage of our amazing deal and enjoy a generous 10% discount on every purchase! Our 1020 microgreen trays […]

Wheatgrass sticky rice ball with red bean paste stuffing

First, prepare a glass of wheatgrass juice, about 200 grams, and heat it up to 50℃. Measure a bowl of sticky rice flour, about 280 grams. Pour the hot wheatgrass juice into the bowl, and start mixing the flour. This mixing process is very similar to playing playdoh, keep mixing it until it’s like a […]

The Need for Decentralized Food Production and Adaptation to Local Markets

In the article discussing Infarm’s departure from Europe and their shift in focus, there is an opportunity to critique the lack of emphasis on decentralizing food production and adapting to local market preferences. While the challenges faced by Infarm are acknowledged, it is essential to explore alternative strategies that promote localized farming and cater to […]

Why Cooling PC Fans are Ideal for growing your microgreens?

Cooling PC fans are ideal for a microgreens rack for several reasons: Air Circulation: Microgreens require proper air circulation to prevent excessive humidity and minimize the risk of mold or disease. Cooling PC fans are designed to move a significant amount of air efficiently, creating a gentle breeze that promotes airflow around the microgreens. This […]