Brand Marketing Challenge Completed! Thanks Giulia :)

The summer months have come to end but that does not apply to the weather in the Netherlands. This week is already feeling like the middle of summer with 30C+.

As such, the current weather is reminding us of the start of summer and therefore, the start of our summer intern!

We miss you Giulia and would like thank you for all your hard work during the short 3 months that we had together.

Just take a look at our social media accounts and marketing content to see the amazing transformation of Eat Your Microgreens!

Not only was Giulia able to create beautiful images but also compelling and engaging content.

We are very grateful for her time at EYM and our ability to implement a few features of Direct Response Marketing (DRM). This type of information has helped us in informing our customers about the “what” and “why” of microgreens as well as our product assortment and ways in which we can make growing and eating microgreens as part of our daily lives.

We of course, did plenty of sowing, watering, quality controls, and harvests. Everyday had a new challenge but thankfully we succeeded in feeding countless customers healthy microgreens and informing them about the health and sustainable aspects.

Despite, the various challenges, we were able to organize a comprehensive marketing schedule around both product categories:

  1. Fresh & Ready-to-Eat Microgreens
  2. Grow Your Own Microgreens Products

There is much more to come in terms of product development in near future but it is always important to pause to look back and appreciate all the progress that has been made.

This business was not created to get rich quick but instead to lead the transition in our food system. The more people are aware of the challenges in growing healthy and nutritious food in a sustainable way, the more we fill empowered and our duty to support the many bridges that still need to be built in order for a food transition to be sustained.

Nutritionists! Chefs! Dieticians! This is a call to all those who want to make a difference in the food industry. This is a time to step up. There are various systems and methods to growing food in a more sustainable way, closer to where it is consumed (urban cities) but the money is still not there. Together we can make this work. Just like Sky Greens in Singapore has made it work so far. So too can we make this future a reality.

We are busy doing the work that no one else wants to do but that must be done and our brand is more clear than ever thanks to Giulia.

We need Urban Farmers, IT specialists, Influencers, Game Changers, Motivated individuals…Will you join us?


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